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A Peek of U 3D/4D ultrasound

HDTV images NOVEMBER 2015


Great news for those with Smart TVs.   Makayla (below) has become our first client and possibly the first in Australia to have her Bonding ultrasound recorded in 1080p High Definition.

This means that when playing your scan for your family and friends back home on your big screen Smart TV the images will be just as good as what you experienced in the scan room.

We are offering this service in Casula for the cost of the USB $12 alone.




Beam me up Scotty! Yes the future is here now with the introduction of High Definition Imaging and Foetal Reality View we have jumped forward light years in Image quality and reliability.

Already functioning in our Casula rooms, coming to our Wollongong rooms soon and next year maybe even mobile. The future of 3D/4D Bonding ultrasound is clear.

See some examples on our Gallery page.

There will also be some new packages to take advantage of this large boost in resolution and detail.



We have heard from many potential clients who are unsure about having a Bonding ultrasound because they feel that they may have "missed the boat" by being 34 weeks or later.

This isn't necessarily the case as you can see on our blog at www.apeekofu.blogspot.com or on our gallery page.

So for those 34 weeks or over we are offering a FREE short assessment scan to determine if it would be worthwhile doing a full 3D/4D Bonding scan.

This free assessment scan is without obligation but does not include gender confirmation or photo prints, DVDs.  

Call 1800 819 282 for more information and to book your free assessment scan today.


An example of a Baby Shower video.


Want that easy, safe, perfect entertainment for your Baby Shower? Well....HERE IT IS!!!!   Our new Baby Shower Package includes:

  • A 25-30 minute Bonding ultrasound session in our comfortable, family friendly, professional rooms.
  • 4 photo prints
  • 1 DVD of stills and short video clips (literally composed of hundreds of still frames)
  • 1 DVD of your entire session
  • 1 highlight DVD  to your choice of music for you to showcase your new little star at you Baby Shower.
  • As with our regular packages 1-3, gender confirmation, free re-scan policy etc.... are included.
What we don't include is:
  • The risk of having your Baby Shower ruined by an ultrasound company "no show" or the inability to get any pictures of your Bub.
  • Gelled belly exposed in front of all your guests.
  • Strangers wandering around your home.
  Just give us a call on 1800 819 282 2-3 weeks before the day of your Shower and we will have your scan done and your highlight DVD in your hand for the day.

Baby Shower Package - All for only $265.00!

JUNE 2010


Come see our new spacious rooms at Casula on Sundays and receive 10% OFF the regular package prices.

Get $12-$22-$36 off your Bonding ultrasound packages and still receive our great service, image quality, free rescan policy, no charge gender confirmationand no extra charge for twins policy!

Call 1800 819 282 to book today!

JUNE 2010


A Peek of U opens new rooms located in CASULA.

Our facility is just seconds from the M5 and M7, with lots of easy parking and available by appointment 7.00am to 9.00pm seven days a week, to further meet the needs of our busy clients.

These spacious new rooms can cater for the larger family or just the three of you. You can still enjoy the same great service and take advantage of our NEW OPENING SPECIALS.

Find us at Suite 3, Unit 18, 633 - 639 Hume Highway, Casula 2170 (entrance off Pine Road).

Call 1800 819 282"> for bookings and more information on our opening specials.

It's much less expensive than you might think and every bit as wonderful as you've heard. We're certain you'll love the experience!

MAY 2010


Too tired to deal with birth announcements right now? Want to get the word out at the speed of email? Want an entirely unique and customized solution?

There is nothing more beautiful than your own baby and nothing more unique than having them doing their own birth announcement!

Just email us a clear unobstructed image of your Bub, choose a script or send us your unique creation and we will send you an emailable video birth announcement starring your favourite new arrival.

You can then email all your friends and family attaching the announcement in either flash or wmv formats.

We can have our voice actors do any script you choose or you can choose one of our generic scripts. This also makes for a brilliant special way to send birthday wishes etc.... to that favourite uncle or grandparent from that special Bub and their family.

The cost for one of our scripts is $60.00 and the cost for a custom script is $80 for a 15 second script.

Just send us your ideas and we can give you a quote on any variation. The only limit is your imagination.

A Peek of U customers receive 50% off the above prices.

Go to "Bub Talk" for our sample scripts, email us at bubtalk@gmail.com or call Ray Jordan at A Peek of U on 1800 819 282 for further info.

APRIL 2010

Want to know the inside story to Bonding ultrasound? Click here to visit our BLOG

August 2009

As Featured On EzineArticlesIs 3d/4d Ultrasound worthwhile? Read Ray Jordan's paper:

"What Evidence is Available to Show There's a Benefit to 3D-4D Ultrasound?" on Ezine Articles here....

Press release - Illawarra Mercury, 25 July 2008


For some parents, nine months is too long to wait before getting a good view of their little bundle of joy. A new service to Wollongong is cutting short that wait, enabling parents to view the baby via a 4D/3D ultrasound and be pampered at the same time.

A Peek of U opened earlier this month at Serenity Spas in the Wollongong CBD.

The service should not replace a 2D medical diagnostic ultrasound, but is a fun experience that can strengthen the bond between baby and parent, says owner Ray Jordan.

On the 4D/3D ultrasound, the baby's facial features can be more easily identified, establishing a better parent-foetal connection, says Jordan.

"There's the parents and family reaction that it's something that looks like a baby. It's something that people relate to better," he says. "In 4D the baby might be doing a big yawn in real time or motion, and suck its toes as it's doing it. It's great for observing in-utero behaviour."

During the procedure, babies have even responded to family members in the room. "The baby was yawning and a sibling made a noise and it smiled. It was on video loop so we could roll it back. Then dad said something and the baby turned to look over its shoulder and catch the sound better," Jordan says.

He adds that studies have shown that after using 3D ultrasound mothers took better care of themselves. They also shared the ultrasound photos with family and friends, which helped strengthen their support networks.

"It also enhances the parental-foetal bond and reduces anxiety in parents. Mothers are better able to visualise the baby before birth and reported having a more immediate sense of knowing the baby after birth", Jordan says.

Studies also reveal that as a result of feeling more connected to the unborn child, and a stronger sense of well-being and reassurance about the pregnancy, ultrasounds evoked increased commitment to an improved diet, exercise and quitting smoking.

Plus, Jordan says, parents often like to see whose facial features the baby has adopted.

The face is clearest when the baby is aged between 28 to 32 weeks. The position the baby is in and the amount of amniotic fluid present can effect the outcome however.

"I've had some interesting reactions by parents," Jordan says. "At 10 to 12 weeks they had a quick look and it made them get all excited about it. I had one lady who jumped off the bed and gave me a big hug."

The sex of the baby is often a topic of discussion, and although you might expect this to be clearer in 3D, this isn't the case.

A skilled 2D sonographer is better able to determine the sex of the baby, says the man with 35 years of experience in diagnostic imaging.

While some people find the ultrasound experience intimidating, Jordan says his service is fun, and can empower parents.

Afterwards, parents can be pampered in the day spa facilities, enjoying a relaxing pedicure or facial.

"Often a potential father will say, 'I want to do something nice for my wife'. So she can come in and get a pedicure and while her toenails are drying she can hop in with me for a look at the baby," he says.

Jordan adds that the non-medical 4D/3D ultrasound is safe for mother and baby. He says there are industry standards set for the safe amount of energy that the machine can emit.

Isla Cunningham

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